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Father James T. Breen Council #7490

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Knights of Columbus Fr Breen Council #7490
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Welcome to the official website of Knights of Columbus, Father James T. Breen Council #7490, located in Patterson (Putnam County), New York! Most of our members are parishoners of Sacred Heart Church, 414 Haviland Drive, Patterson, New York.

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Grand Knight's Message

As I sit here preparing this newsletter it is the middle of February and it is cold and wet outside. So I’m thinking several months ahead to February and March. To Spring.

On February 2nd the ole ground hog sticks his head out and tells us if the spring season will arrive early, or if winter weather will persist for six more weeks (wonder who thought that one up).

February 2nd is also the feast of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple (also known as Candlemas day).

February 14th brings us Valentine’s Day. That’s the day we’re supposed to be nice to our sweetie. Of course we’re suppose to be nice to our sweetie (and everyone) all the time. Always tell people you love them and how much they mean to you. It is better they hear it now from your mouth and heart than hear it through prayers when it's too late.

Then comes an important day, February 17th. Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time of self-examination and reflection and a time for us to focus on our relationship with God. Lent is about conversion, giving up sin in some form. Sometimes the goal is just making it to Easter, so that the item given up can be had again. We should rather be looking to change ourselves for the better, to remove something in our lives that is keeping us from a deeper relationship white Christ.

Then on March 20—the day we’ve all been waiting for—Spring begins. We’ve all waiting, just waiting, to see the first robin, or the first bud, or the first hint of green. We know it’s coming, but it’s just out of reach. And so we wait. We wait and hope for spring because there is nothing we can do to hurry it along. The coming of spring is out of our control. We jokingly look to a groundhog to tell us if spring is on its way, but we know it’s really our Lord who brings each new season. He brings newness after the gray of winter. A new life. SPRING—A sign of new life, a new beginning.

With the coming of February and the Spring season of March let us begin a “New Life”, a “New Beginning”. Let us become more active in our Knights of Columbus Council. Let us become more active in our Catholic faith. None of us can do everything–but we can all do something.

If you are an active member, Thank You— If you are not, Why Not? If you want to become more active please reach out to me or any other Council officer or chairman.


Anthony Mazzuca, GK

Chaplain's Message

Dear Family of the Archdiocese of New York,

As we prepare to enter the holy season of Lent next Wednesday, and the fast approaching one-year anniversary of the beginning of the coronavirus “lockdown,” allow me to give you an update on what the archdiocese has been doing and what we continue to face.

First, let me begin with a note of gratitude, particularly to the heroic priests, deacons, men and women religious, and lay faithful, whose dedicated service to Jesus and His Church have continued to allow the Archdiocese to carry out its mission during these difficult days. We have faced the challenges that the pandemic has brought head-on, and never wavered in our commitment to care for the spiritual and human needs of God’s people.

Still, for us who look to the Church to give us the “Good News” at the core of the Savior’s preaching, we often groan at the “bad news” spread almost daily about our spiritual family, our holy Mother Church.

The lawsuits against us continue, and we grimace when the well-financed ads by tort lawyers singling out the Church keep coming; even more distressingly, our insurance companies stall us in our attempts to respond with compassion and speed to the meritorious claims of victims; biased media repeat already discredited stories about how the Church misused PPP relief money justly distributed to the Church – mainly to parishes and schools -- for help to its employees like teachers, parish secretaries, and janitors during COVID; attempts to tarnish radiant examples of independent charitable foundations guided by, yet not owned by, the Church and Her values; a Church which has been on the frontlines of the reform needed by every institution in our society regarding the sexual abuse of youth, and dioceses and agencies across the country collectively have already spent over $10 billion in compensation in helping reach some resolution with wounded victims of decades ago, maligned for “hiding assets” - - we get exhausted and frustrated to see our religious family’s vulnerabilities publicly displayed and sometimes exploited.

Like you, I nodded in agreement Sunday when the Bible-reading gave us Job’s description of the drudgery, the misery, the restlessness of life. We all feel it!

Yet, Job did not have the last word, did he? Jesus did! In the “good news” of the gospel reading at Sunday Mass we see Jesus teaching, loving, helping, praying.

And He still does here and now in and through His much-maligned mystical body on earth, His Church! If left to us - - bishops, clergy, all of us members of His Church - - we’d agree readily with Job and sink into hopelessness. But, Jesus thunders, “It is my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!” (Although, as my confessor whispers often to me, hell sure keeps trying!)

So, Jesus still teaches us in His Church, through - - to give but one exceptionally radiant example, - - our acclaimed Catholic schools, now the envy of the country as, thanks to our brave principals, teachers, parents, and benefactors, they have been open, safe, healthy, and effective these dreary months of COVID.

So, our Lord continues to help through His Church right now, through, to give but one illustration, our renowned Catholic Charities, which has provided well over 1 million meals in their popular “pop-up pantries” throughout the ten counties of the archdiocese, and provided over $5 million worth of cash-cards to folks struggling to pay rent, transportation, food, tuition, and medicine.

So, the Divine Physician continues to heal through the work of ArchCare, our Catholic nursing homes, elder-day-care centers, hospitals, visiting nurses, and in its cooperation with healthcare offices in the distribution of the sought after vaccine.

So does the Son of God continue to pray with and for us, His people, in and through His Church, as our houses of worship remain up-and-running, heeding all health, safety, and sanitation requirements, with creative live-streaming of Masses, devotions, and faith-formation innovatively offered in our nearly 300 parishes for those whose concern for their health prevent them from returning to their parish churches, and as we eagerly anticipate the ordination of eight new priests to lead us in prayer this Spring.

I could go on at telephone-book (remember those?) length, but, I trust you get the point: the good news of the Church flourishes, even more appreciated during these troubled times. Don’t forget that as you’re badgered by the “bad news bears” in nasty and inaccurate reports.

With prayerful best wishes for a blessed Ash Wednesday and Lent, I am,

Faithfully in Christ,

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York

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