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New York - Town of Patterson - Putnam County

Father James T. Breen Council #7490

Sacred Heart Church, Catholic, Pro-Life, Charity, Fraternity, Insurance, Brotherhood, Patriotism
Knights of Columbus Fr Breen Council #7490
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Welcome to the official website of Knights of Columbus, Father James T. Breen Council #7490, located in Patterson (Putnam County), New York! Our home parish is Sacred Heart Church, 414 Haviland Drive, Patterson, New York.

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Grand Knight's Message

Each one of us has a Heavenly Support Team which is made up of God, the Archangels, past spiritual masters (highly spiritual beings who walked the Earth), spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit. All of these beings hear your prayers which are sent through the invisible network at heart of our spirits which connects us with all beings. When praying, many appeal to our Creator, God, with prayers first and foremost. When calling on specific Archangels, past spiritual masters, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit to help, we are asking God's appointed specialists and volunteers to assist us directly through the gifts bestowed upon them by God to act as an advocate on our behalf for the delivery and answering of our prayers.

The Archangels have been given the monumental task of managing life on Earth, including the creation and facilitation of soul contracts, life paths, the spiritual development of souls, order within the natural world, and much more. Each Archangel has a different area of expertise which works in conjunction with all of the other Archangels to ensure the best possible journeys for all on Earth while working in tandem with Heaven and God's plans.

Fr. Michael Joseph McGivney was an American Catholic priest who founded the Knights of Columbus at a local parish to serve as a mutual aid and fraternal insurance organization, particularly for immigrants and their families. It developed through the 20th century as the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization.

The cause for his canonization started in the Archdiocese of Hartford in 1996; in March 2008, Pope Benedict XVI declared McGivney "Venerable" in recognition of his "heroic virtue". On May 27, 2020, it was announced by Pope Francis that McGivney had been approved for beatification, which will officially happen on October 31, 2020.

God's plan works through everyone. It was God's plan through the vision of Fr. Michael McGivney forming the Knights of Columbus which made it possible to take care of those in need.

Like the Archangels with God's help, we, as Brother Knights, have a unique individual strength and together in unity our strengths standup for, help and defend those less fortunate and those who need a voice, like the unborn.

In closing, I ask each Brother Knight to continue to do God's work and look for other brave men who have the courage to take the stand that we have as Knights of Columbus.

Vivat Jesus
Tony Mazzuca GK

Chaplain's Message

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